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cardiologogy check-in - A-fibbers [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Atrial Fibrillation

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cardiologogy check-in [Aug. 30th, 2007|12:11 pm]
Atrial Fibrillation


because of afib problems and an enlarged heart i'm back to 3-month check-ins with my electrophysiologist. bah. went today and wasn't expecting anything exciting, i've been feeling ~80% better from arrhythmia problems since changing up the meds. not 100% because i still have a little bit of afib, pvcs and pacs, but not to the point where it's very bothersome like before.

first - best news of my life - i got weighed. i've been TOTALLY depressed because about a month ago i suddenly gained EIGHT pounds! i've been freaking out about it. they always tell me to lose 5 pounds. honestly i could lose 20 and they are just being nice about it and giving me a simpler goal - when i've pinned them down on a goal weight they suggested ideally i should weigh 5-10 pounds under the normal suggested weight - the less body mass the less my sweet heart has to work.

then again, thinking about how many people are having serious weight problems these days, i am happy i'm not obese, just slightly overweight. (my bmi says slightly overweight, but then i am tall and i think have a lot of muscle since i work out often).

so i step on the scale and i tell the nurse, "umm yeah, that is wrong." she said "you think? it's close to what i'd guess you weigh and we get this calibrated all the time." i said "nope, sorry...it's wrong." she checked me then in kilograms and converted it. same result. and i'm still disagreeing. she steps on and weighs herself and says, "nope it's correct." WOOT my home scale apparently went wacky at some point! LOL. you'd think i'd figure something was amiss as i'm still wearing the same clothes and they don't feel tight. instead i've just been freaking out, analyzing how this could be: "i am a little lazy in the summer because i don't feel as well in the heat...but i don't think i've been eating more..."

so as it turns out i have not gained 8 pounds at all and weigh the exact same as i did 3-months ago when i was last there. RELIEF! i almost hugged her.

ice cream for all tonight i'm telling ya! (let's talk about the 5-lb loss tomorrow...)

so i told my doctor that i was feeling WAY better with the med increase and addition, some arrhythmia but not bothersome unless i drink caffeine or get really stressed about something. nothing suxs as much as walking around with constant afib and thank heavens i'm not feeling that way anymore.

btw she said that my event monitor was one of the hardest tests that she's ever come across = hard to evaluate and figure out what was going on. she said strange because my beats are so freaking irregular but my overall heart rate stays the same while i'm in afib. but that once she finally figured out the pattern she could distinguish persistent afib. i told her i was just trying to keep her job interesting. ;) (of course if she was looking at an echo the whole time she could put two and two together, but just going off the heartbeats on a monitor it's more difficult.

i mentioned what i perceived to be a minor side-effect of the meds, and bah, she said that wasn't working for her and she wants me to play again with meds, swapping out flecinide with something called propafenone to see if that would have less side-effect. (and still stay on cartia too.) bah humbug. i'm asked her if i could wait for a month as i'm going to europe and she said sure.

anyone here take propafenone? it sounds like a pain in the arse because you have to take it every 8 hours.